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Active Shooter - Hard Armor

    Defeat the Active Shooter With A High Velocity Rifle


We live in a time of unprecedented attacks on first responders that threaten their lives, the safety of our citizens, and the stability of our communities. First responders no longer can contain an active shooter while waiting for SWAT or tactical back-up to deal with a threat. Action must be taken immediately to save lives.


  • Currently, only 10 to 15% of police officers are equipped with body armor to protect against an active shooter with a high velocity rifle, the weapon of choice by criminals.
  • Virtually none of our nation's one million firefighters or 155,000 EMTs has any level of protection, even though they are often the first to respond to an incident.
  • There are 1.7 million police cars, fire trucks and ambulances in America in harm's way without adequate protection against active shooters with high velocity rifles.
  • Additionally, at least 20 percent of law enforcement lacks the most basic of protection -- concealable vests to protect against handguns.
  • The reason for this problem? Lack of low cost, effective vest options and lack of funding for police agencies, particularly in rural areas.


  • Point Blank, in partnership with steel technology leader Buffalo Armory, has two low cost solutions that are available today to better protect all our first responders:
1. A concealable vest with an innovative pocket that holds a light weight front armor steel plate that protects vital organs from a high velocity rifle threat or blunt force trauma.
2. A low cost plate carrier with front and back armor steel plates that protect against multiple rifle impacts, are more durable, and provide a great value at a fraction of the price of ceramic vests currently on the market.
  • Our goal is to (1) provide all police officers in need with concealable vests with a pocket for the optional front armor steel plate, 5X8 Star555. This means that when a police officer responds to a call he or she has the option of either using the concealable vest like they currently do or taking a few seconds to insert a steel plate for added protection.
  • And (2), we are providing plate carriers with durable and low cost front and back steel armor plates, 10X12 SWC Star555. These are worn outside uniforms and one size fits all. An officer can don the vest on short notice in response to an active shooter with a high velocity rifle.

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